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“Here are my mother and my brothers!…”
August 7, 2009, 2:28 am
Filed under: B Gospel According to Mark
As I read these words this morning from Mark Chapter 3, again I was reminded by the Lord that the followers of Jesus are first and foremost a family! Family’s are intimate, relational, enjoy time with each, love each other unconditionally, nonjudgmental, do things for each other, and a whole host of other things. Jesus said these words while in a home and looking “at those in a circle around him.” Interesting that they were in a circle. At school I put the kids in small groups of four so they can see each other and help them to better share with each other what they are learning, or at home when we eat at the table we normally eat so everyone is looking at each other. When you talk to someone, like in a family, it is more intimate and personal if you are facing them. Kind of hard to hide! But everything Jesus said and did was normally in the context of family. How can I be a better father, brother, husband – physically with my own family and spiritually with those I know in the body of Christ? What about in our churches? How can we be more like a family? I think Jesus has the answer!

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