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“…Jesus himself came up and walked along with them;…”
August 7, 2009, 2:49 am
Filed under: C Gospel According to Luke

I finished reading the book of Luke this morning. In each of the gospels there is always a sense of gloom and darkness and then an exploding light in the end! Jesus gives people hope when there seems to be no hope!

This morning I picked up on a couple things that God was telling me. When Peter disowned Jesus, before Jesus’ crucifixion, he “remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him.” When the women met the angels at Jesus’ empty tomb “they remembered his words.” When two disciples met Jesus on the road and invited Him to their home for a meal “their eyes were opened and they recognized him.” And later that evening when the disciples met Jesus “he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.”

I have a lot of commentaries and stuff to try and help me figure out how to understand the Bible, in fact I have some study Bibles that the majority of the book has a lot of information to help me understand the Bible, but in truth while all of that may be helpful, I really can’t understand how to understand and apply the Bible to my life unless Jesus helps me! Oh how I desire for “Jesus himself” to come up and walk along with me and another brother in Christ, to really sense the presence of God, to know Him and let Him show us truth and to live His truth through us!

Throughout this last part of the book of Luke the stress for prayer is constantly before me. I believe Jesus doesn’t want me to just know about Him, but to know Him, in reality. Reading the Bible so that He will speak to me! Listening to another brother in Christ and finding out what God is telling me. Because now Jesus lives IN every believer, to know Him, in reality, must be as we talk together in life, discussing “these things with each other.”

While a lot of man made stuff, some of it really helpful and excellent to read, might be good to help us know about Jesus, they can sometimes prevent us from the best of knowing Jesus in reality. Don’t I know it! Jesus has fulfilled everything that was written about Himself in the Old Testament, we are no longer bound by all of its rules and traditions (that were meant to help us know about Jesus), and now the only real law for a follower of Jesus is to “love our neighbor as ourself.” Jesus live your love through me, live through me!


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