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“She has done a beautiful thing to me…”
August 7, 2009, 2:39 am
Filed under: B Gospel According to Mark
This morning while reading Mark 14, as I read those words, I was again struck by the intimacy of them. Jesus is saying this to those in the same house in Bethany who were being harsh to a woman who had just used a year’s wages of very expensive perfume and had poured it on Jesus’ head. Somehow they felt that she shouldn’t have wasted the perfume but should have sold it and given the money to the poor. I kind of sense this is what happens between God’s people some times or at least those who focus on Jesus as a religion and those who focus on Jesus in a relationship. The words come screaming at me….”She has done a beautiful thing to me.” Can Jesus say the same to me/you? The body of Christ is also called the bride of Christ. This reminds me of the bride and bridegroom from the Song of Solomon. What beautiful things am I/we doing? Is it really “to” Jesus or is it to me/you? The bride of Christ is called “beautiful” because Jesus says she is “beautiful.” By the way Jesus said these words while reclining at a table in a home. How am I/we expressing Jesus together with other followers of Jesus in my/your home so that He truly is made beautiful to others?

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