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“…And the house was filled with the fragance of the perfume.”
August 9, 2009, 12:34 pm
Filed under: D Gospel According to John

I have gotten a new appreciation for Bethany because of the fact Jesus always seemed to enjoy returning to Bethany, perhaps God is telling me that maybe every group of followers of Jesus should/can be a Bethany. That one statement: “the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume” seems to echo something in my heart, a desire in my heart. When my wife puts on perfume in our bathroom there is something beautiful about it, as well as her! Maybe I need to see Jesus, and susequently His Body, more like I see my wife…beautiful! In chapter 12 of the book of John it says that Jesus spent time in Bethany, in this case the sixth day “before the Passover.” As I continue to read John says “where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.” Can you imagine, enjoying dinner with a person who was dead!? How weird would that be! Notice that the dinner “was given in Jesus’ honor.” Also notice that Martha again is serving, (she just loved serve!) this time not in frustration, but in order to serve her Lord from a pure heart. Others, like Lazarus were “reclining at the table with him” enjoying time with Jesus. Then Mary takes some “expensive perfume,” (a year’s wages worth!) and pours it on Jesus’ feet and wipes “his feet with her hair.” Can there be any better picture of a body of followers of Jesus? Jesus arrived at the home, dinner was given in honor of Him, reclining at the table with one another, sharing life, serving one another, in humility worshipping Jesus together, letting the beauty of Jesus, His love, become such that the “house is filled with the frangrance of the perfume.” Lord, I desire that my own home and the homes of every believer could be a place where Your followers would desire to be a place You would enjoy going to (even though there has been pain and suffering, because thats what happens in real relationships!), honoring you in the midst of a meal with others, enjoying life with You, serving each other, in humility worshipping You, that Your beauty would be so rich, the love that we have for one another, for the Body of Christ, that it would be like perfume, fragant and spilling over through the entire house! But the thief wants to come and steal, kill, and destroy the beauty of Jesus. Judas Iscariot complains when Mary pours all of the perfume on Jesus’ feet. Are there times where I unintentionally kill, steal, or destroy life that happens in the midst of the followers of Jesus? May it never be so because then I would be acting like a Judas Iscariot a betrayer of Jesus, a follower of satan! He attempted to make something that was beautiful into something ugly and meaningless. There is nothing meaningless in simple devotion to Jesus! Jesus says “leave her alone.” Jesus saw meaning in what was done, because it was done in simple worship to Him. She loved Jesus freely and to the uttermost, can I love Jesus freely and to the uttermost? Can I give up an entire wages, for example, and give it to Jesus in one act of devotion to Him? What do I need to give away to Jesus so that He would be given ALL of the glory and honor? Jesus is now in His Body, the followers of Jesus, through His Spirit! How could I honor Him by honoring His Body? Maybe that’s why the New Testament focuses so much on how to love one another, because in doing so, we ARE loving Jesus!

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