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Offering God a Sacrifice of Praise Together!
January 17, 2010, 10:16 pm
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This is a brief experience of organic church life in Sugar Land, TX. It was shared on facebook. It is our hope that some will read the words and find a body of believers who will decide to live by Christ’s life. This is by no means what an organic church should look like. We have been meeting for only a few months and much still needs to be learned as we detox from religiosity and keep our focus on Jesus together.

Our Christian family began arriving around 10:30 this morning and left sometime around 2:30 this afternoon. We enjoyed eating and sharing each others company. We are learning to eat a little more healthy as we come together, and keeping the coffee pot full! I have found this time to be more of a family time together as we continue to build relationships together. The body of Christ is truly the Family of God!

We praised God for answering prayers in opening a door for a brother to find a job! I shared how I seemed to be more aggravated at school than normal this past week which opened the door for the body to share a word of knowledge, exhortation, or encouragement. God revealed to me the need for Christ to be formed in me. A brother shared a word to me of how God has seen fit to allow some extra pressure in my life to allow Christ to be more formed in me. God is not satisfied with a little bit of Christ being expressed through us! Brothers and sisters shared stories of how Christ is working in their lives. Something Jesus had been revealing to me already, but now was revealed in the body. Brothers and sisters shared stories that revealed a similar thing – God allowing pressure in our lives.

The family sang songs, hymns, and spiritual songs to one another. The Spirit led the body to sing songs such as “Refiner’s Fire,” “You Fill Up My Spirit,” and “Your Steadfast Love,” and others that gave a sense of the importance of trials and tribulations in our lives, in order for Christ’s love and compassion, His very life, to be formed in our lives.

Haiti became an analogy as there is a sense that as Haiti lies above a fault line and lives in the presence of earthquakes so to does the Christian family. The Christian body lives over a fault line that has earthquakes occur from time to time. We are not called to run away from them, as some have done this past week in Haiti, but to allow them to do its perfect work in us, to help us grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Stories were shared of the need in Haiti and many prayers were offered for the people of Haiti and especially to those Christian communities in Haiti who were showing Jesus’ love to them in many practical ways. Other testimonies were shared about sharing the love of Jesus. Other brothers and sisters shared stories from the Bible, specifically Hebrews, John, Luke and Jonah, to encourage the body to be light to the world and not condemners. Some shared the importance of learning to hear Jesus speak to us from the inner man. More testimonies were shared and prayers spoken.

We talked later in smaller groups about what God is doing through them, what God is teaching them about being an organic body of Christ. The family played games in various parts of the house and enjoyed the last few moments together before leaving to their homes. The Christian family agreed to meet at another brother and sister’s home for next week, providing others in the body to express Christ to one another through hospitality. Some of us are still reading Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, and Finding Organic Church, books by Frank Viola, and have found the dialogue so useful in leading us to a pure and simple devotion to Christ. It was such a wonderful time to enjoy Christ through His body, the Family of God!

We have much still to die to! We still have much to learn about being the Family of God, how, like a family, lives are shared throughout the week, versus just on one day. Milt Rodriguez’s book “The Butterfly In You” is so on target when it comes to understanding what happens when the body comes together, truly it is a “cocoon” experience so that through it we allow Jesus life to flow, like a butterfly, through us to one another.

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