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Necessary Workings in the Body of Christ in an Organic Way
June 27, 2010, 11:34 pm
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We had a wonderful time in the Lord with the brothers and sisters today! Our organic church gathering started around 10:30 or so with some brothers and sisters helping the host home with getting prepared for the rest of the church. We enjoyed serving and helping each other get ready! As preparations were made we shared time together waiting for those who were traveling from further away. God brought a young brother to our organic gathering and he came early, bringing some donuts for the fellowship. Me and another brother shared time with our new younger brother and got to know each other. As the rest of the brothers and sisters began to arrive we all spent time greeting each other with a hug welcoming each other and enjoying getting together again in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Kids from the families began to meet together and started in playing games together in the other rooms.

We spent time eating and sharing together. A new family joined our gathering and so the sisters spent some time getting to know her and her children. Some were sharing in smaller groups in the kitchen, some in parts of the living room. After a while one group felt led to sing together. Later a brother felt led to pray for the body of Christ. Others had fun laughing at themselves. Some other sisters handed out the groups song books. The group spent a good time singing songs, hymns and spiritual songs to the Lord, each song led by a different member in the body of Christ. The Lord led many to focus on songs that were meditative and reflected on His wonderful love for us and ours for Him. Many felt comfortable laughing at themselves if they made a mistake in singing! 🙂 We sang songs either with a keyboard that another brother brings to the meetings or a cappella. Another sister read from Philippians 3:7-14. Another song was sung and then we spent more time at this gathering learning about each other, especially our new couples. Each person shared a little about themselves and their hobbies. It was a lot of fun sharing! Later a sister shared a dream that reflected the need to be able to participate in the body of Christ. Others shared their thoughts as it related to them. A brother shared from 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 and the importance in the gatherings for everyone to participate, to function. No function is more important than any other, all are important for seeing the fullness of Christ in the meetings. The brothers felt led to provide financially for a sister and did so in the gathering, blessing her tremendously. The sister was prayed for by the body. We spent some time again sharing with one another, eating (again), and enjoying time together, letting the Lord lead the group. Had some excellent red beans and rice!

We are still detoxing and so issues related to church life and practice seem to get brought up as we gather together, tension has been good in helping the body come together in unity and spiritual growth. Jesus Christ is enlarging His lordship over His body! We discussed who would like to host the church at their home the next time we met so everyone would know. The host family sends out an e-mail later in the week to the body of Christ to remind the brothers and sisters of their address and phone numbers. We spent some time helping clean up.

After some of the families left from the gathering some of our newer families and a couple of families that have been together longer shared about what is organic church life and what is the purpose of the church. We had a great dialogue! Each person shared their hearts openly. Confessions were made as the Lord leaded. Keeping God out of a box of our expectations was felt to be important. The need for building relationships became apparent, both with the Lord and one another, to enable freedom in sharing together and praying for one another. How important it is to spend time together to really know how to encourage, pray for, and love one another! We read Milt Rodriguez’s booklet: The Organic Church ( and because of how succinct it speaks about the nature and freedom of organic church life, the Holy Spirit helped to bring understanding to everyone. We recognized that the early church spent time together daily and from house to house, while we have still generally only been meeting once a week and so try to do everything during our time together.

Later some of the guys spent some time sharing and encouraging a brother whose wife is due this week to give birth to their first baby. The father’s shared testimonies of the wonder of seeing their children born and bringing up their children! The ladies spent time in the kitchen sharing with one another. We talked about meeting at a chinese seafood restaurant on Fri this week and look forward to getting together again! The last of us hugged one another and blessed each other as we left our brother and sister’s home.

We are in process, Jesus is fitting us together! Jesus Christ is revealing Himself more and more and enlarging His life in His body! Lord Jesus Christ move us forward in living by Your life! Praise God.


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It sounds very good from here! So, so much better than the so-called alternative. You mentioned detoxing – presumably this is the transition between institutional church and organic church. For some I guess this takes time, for others it can be instantaneous. I like the comment about ‘weekly’ rather than ‘daily’ – now that would be fun! I think it i something to work on, but not to programme. It’s got to just ‘happen’ as the transition take place and evolves….great post!

Comment by Alan

thanks brother for the comments! Yep, transition is ongoing as all of us have been in institutional church. Daily meeting is definitely something to work on in God’s timing.

Comment by John Wilson

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