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Facebook Post by Mike Hutchinson, “Learning to gather as the church around Christ.”
July 27, 2010, 2:05 pm
Filed under: 1- Discovering Organic Church Life Testimony

Yesterday Stacy and I gathered with a group of brothers and sisters around Christ as His church. The gathering was started by sharing a meal/breakfast together and good conversation/fellowship, this spirit of fellowship prevailed as we naturally moved into a time of acappella singing of hymns/psalms/spiritual songs spontaneously selected by a number of the brethren. After a time of praising the LORD in song, brothers and sisters started to share from various portions of scripture and making application to our lives, a sister contrasted being under the Law to walking in the Spirit, a brother encouraged us regarding following Christ’s example when handling opposition, slander and abuse, much more was shared as we encouraged, exhorted and taught one another as we acknowledged Christ as our Head and His church as His Body. I believe every adult in attendance contributed to the time of sharing/teaching. We have no set stopping time or schedule of events, but as the group sensed the sharing time coming to an end, a number of brothers and sisters prayed for various things and overall that we would grow together in love and that we would learn more and more what it means to follow Christ. From this point we naturally moved back around the table to enjoy more food and fellowship. We really enjoyed meeting with these brothers and sisters in Christ as we left many were still enjoying conversation and fellowship and a competitive match of Wii tennis! We understand that only about half of the group was present at the meeting today for various reasons so we look forward to meeting the rest of the brothers and sisters and getting to know everyone more and more over time. This local group of believers meets house to house between Katy & Sugarland.


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