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My comments reference the post: “At Home in a House Church” – The Gospel Coalition Blog
July 27, 2010, 1:28 am
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These are my comments to the the following blog:

While I appreciate the viewpoint of the author there is also bias as well, a defensiveness of the institution. Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Too often than not Jesus is not the head but a paid or unpaid leader, a paid staff, a board of deacons, a board of elders, etc.

What if God’s people were taught how to live by the Spirit in face to face community in homes under Christ’s headship alone? What if instead of being focused on titles the body of Christ focused on function within the body of Christ: caring, guiding, serving, watching over, maturing? Too often it is all about preaching or teaching, teaching about a topic, a doctrine, teaching about this or that by a single trained person instead of God’s people experiencing Jesus Christ as they seek Christ together. We have made ministering to one another the business of professionals and therefore God’s people have been made to feel that they cannot serve. The modern church has been duped by the evil one to following human tradition and usurped Jesus Christ as Head, to be like any other organization. As the Israelites before us who did not what God as their leader but a human being with the devastating effect of the church being insipid and impotent. How sad that our fundamentalism as well as our liberalism has reduced the body of Christ to being babes in Christ, to the elevation of a professional clergy, and not followed Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthian church in his first letter. No wonder the church has succumbed to nothing more than a place of cheap grace and entertainment instead of knowing Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

The body of Christ is meant to be the glorious expression of our Lord God and Savior! The Church is His very Body and meant to be display the wonders of His grace and love! The body of Christ is meant to be directed by the Head! It is He who builds His church, and He builds His church together in Him in love by His gifts He has given to all His body.

What if the self titled pastors, who are in Christ, decided to live by the life of Christ in face to face community with God’s people in humility and then, instead of preaching a sermon every week they would actually go out and encourage God’s people in their homes throughout the week as they lived by the life of Christ together from house to house! We have forgotten how to live by the life of the Spirit.

God has always called a remnant to Himself, it has always been the case in history, so why is it surprising that God would be calling a remnant from institutional Christianity, to focusing solely on Jesus Christ?


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