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Learning Christ in Conflict
August 8, 2010, 9:38 pm
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The brothers and sisters gathered together in our home today and last Sunday morning. The first couples began arriving around 10:30 or so and we enjoyed spending time together, catching up with what God has been doing. The rest of the families arrived and we spent much time together in the kitchen eating, drinking, and sharing. The kids enjoyed a larger space next to the kitchen that we had prepared for them to have fun together playing games, etc. We spent more time this week really just sharing. We had some conflict occur last Sunday due to some preconceived notions by some about what we should do and should not do which caused some distress in the brethren.

The brothers got together last Friday to discuss over dinner what we thought had occurred last Sunday and to try to find the peace of Christ as we learned to better understand the conflict. We learned that we need to spend more time getting know one another, especially those new brothers and sisters and families who come to the gatherings so that they might better understand the organic nature of living by Christ’s life that we have been learning. Learning to “be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry” and freedom to let every one share in the gatherings became very apparent in our sharing at the brothers get together. Some of the brothers, including myself worked to talk with those we were in disagreement with to bring about reconciliation.

At our gathering today we spent more time sharing, learning how to listen to Christ and to our brothers and sisters when there is disagreement or misunderstandings. Everyone felt freer to share this Sunday and offered their part of Christ to the dialogue. It was very refreshing as each other shared their heart and love for Christ and for one another! How important it is think of others better than yourselves! Sections from the Letter to James seemed to be primarily shared with the group in working through conflicts in the gathering. We found it important that building relationships with new families was very important before bringing them to a gathering and letting them come and visit when God was leading to them in His timing. How important trust is in building loving relationships with others! Some offered ways to get together and spend more time together. Others shared words of encouragement. It was evident that God had allowed this to happen, like all things for the strengthening of the body of Christ and to bring us closer together. Many prayers were offered for one another, especially for the brothers whom had misunderstood organic church, and all the church was led to singing the chorus to “Knowing You Jesus (All I Once Held Dear).”

We spent more time in smaller groups sharing about summer trips that had occurred and other things. The kids got ice pops to eat which they really liked, including some of the adults…LOL. It was so much fun seeing Christ living in His people and look forward to gathering together soon!


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Praise God

Comment by Peter

We missed you brother at the gathering. Hope you and your wife are enjoying your time together. Thanks for your prayers! God bless you brother!


Comment by John Wilson

Thank you sooooo much for posting this. It is refreshing & it is a sweet reminder of what I long to experience here in MN. I love you brother & I am excited about what my “family” is doing in Sugarland, TX.

Comment by Anthony

Thanks Anthony for your comment. In Frank Viola’s book Finding Organic Church he describes some preparations you could do in your area. Might be worth a look if you haven’t yet. God bless brother and love you to! We are all family, members of one body!


Comment by John Wilson

LOL….I just passed that section in the book! Thx! BTW….I just attached this post to an e-mail I received from a brother back in Phx. I wanted to illustrate to him my hearts desire. Thanks.

Comment by Anthony

very cool brother!

Comment by John Wilson

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