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Is Preaching a Function of Pastoring?
August 13, 2010, 2:02 pm
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This is part of a discussion relating pastoring and fathering in the body of Christ.

In my opinion I don’t think our modern form of preaching is actually a calling for the new testament function of shepherding. Preaching was done by those who were planting churches. Pastoring was meant to be a caring function in the body of Christ. We have made pastoring into an individual office based on human traditions making them head of the church instead of Christ.

From how I read 1 John the fathers, young men, and children shows growth in spiritual maturity that all of God’s children are called to in moving forward with Christ as Lord personally and as head corporately in the body of Christ. My take from a organic perspective anyways.

Additional thoughts:

Nowhere in the New Testament does it say that those who have a shepherding function in the body of Christ are to preach. The word that has been mistranslated “preach,” which is only found in 1 Tim. 17, is actually “speaking” in regarding those older Christians who care well for the church in the body of Christ. Every time the word preach is used it is in context of preaching the gospel to unbelievers.

As I read the New Testament it seems that the body of Christ based on seeing the giftings in believers can recognize their giftedness in being church planters, but that is part of something that God does in calling out those He desires to send out to do the work of forming new churches in other places.

In my opinion I believe that most who call themselves preachers or pastors in the institutional church, no matter if it is a house church or not, are actually functioning as a church planter/apostle usurping Christ as head over the body of Christ.

I believe pastoring is shepherding, helping God’s people keep Jesus Christ as head in their gatherings, and any and all can care in their own form in the body of Christ as they learn Christ together in community. Pastoring is not a professional preaching group of people according to the Scriptures. My thoughts, long though they be….LOL.


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