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Thoughts on Singing as a Form of Worship

This is part of a discussion on singing based on a blog:

I think it is a great article! I have to add that the kind of singing that he mentions, the show and entertainment form, led by a professional team of singers and instrumentalists is exactly that, a show.

I do though have to say that when we are in our gatherings such as in one of our homes and someone decides to sing praises to the Lord it is also part of worship. I would never tell a brother or sister that when God causes him or her to sing a song to Christ that it is not worship. The word “sing”in the Old Testament was often times the way the people learned the Lord, to help them remember the wonders of God that they had experienced, since they were primarily an oral culture. They sang to the Lord.

Let us not be too hasty to say that all singing is not worship. I can think of many times where the Lord has shown up in a wonderful way and a psalm, hymn, or song comes to mind and I give it to Him. It is really meant to be a form of prayer. I think that is something to think about, can we only say prayers instead of sing prayers to the Lord? Perhaps true singing is really just another form of prayer.

Obviously worship is more than just singing, it is a sacrifice given to our Lord, a sacrifice of ourselves to Him as Paul said in Romans 12. That sacrifice can have many different forms, most especially in our knowing Christ together in our gatherings where we think of others better than ourselves, agape love after all is sacrificial love, Christ’s love. Much more could be added! Just some thoughts.


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I fully agree!

I would like to share with you something I discovered in Him.

You see, I love to sing to Him. I sing what I call a heart song to Him. From my heart to His heart. I cannot remember words to any certain “worship” songs, but I know He likes my heart songs to Him.

There is something else too, I get excited because I feel joy in my heart as I tell you about this. I pray sometimes like singing and so I call it a songprayer! There are many different songprayers I have song with the leading of the Spirit. What a most fantastic worship and leaves me with a heart that smiles in Him. He is such a Wonder of wonderful, is He not?


Comment by Kathy

Amen sister, how encouraging to read what you wrote! I like your word songprayer! You are a blessing sister. You should share this with others! God bless you!

Your brother, John

Comment by John Wilson

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