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Response About Organic Church Life
August 17, 2010, 2:40 am
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We are called to love one another deeply. We love because He first loved us. “Behold, how they love one another.” “The fruit of the Spirit is love…” Sacrificial love, agape, is based on Christ’s life being lived through us. The institutional church mainly focuses on works, on doing something for the Lord. The organic church focuses on what Christ wants to do in us. He wants to dwell richly in His people. Our focus is on Jesus Christ as head, He is the one directing our gatherings. The basic problem of the institutional church is the institution, the structure that has replaced Christ as the head of His body.

Brother Tim from what I read you have concluded that living by Christ’s life, living like the New Testament early church is fruitless and impossible.

I do not think living a shared life together with other brothers and sisters, gathering in each others households, sharing Christ with one another to be “foolish and stupid arguments.”

I am not sure what “non church” looking means from your perspective. To the organic expression of church it means no institutionalism with no hierarchy with each person able to function freely to love one another. The families and brothers and sisters who we meet with are still learning to love one another as Christ loved us. We have a lot of religious baggage we are still trying to put off so we can learn to put on Christ. We are learning to sacrifice for one another, in most instances it is a sacrifice of our time, sacrificing our conveniences to spend time together and to learn about one another in order to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and to love one another deeper. We have found the importance of discerning the flesh and putting it down as we spend time together and accepting Christ’s life as our own by faith. We have been learning to bear with one another in love, to forgive one another as the Lord forgave us. We are learning to let each other share and not take up most of the time sharing. We are learning to let others lead songs and share their hearts to the Lord for all to be blessed. There is a myriad of ways we have been learning to help each other function.

Brother Tim we are learning not to focus our lives on going to this meeting or that meeting, to be a proper witness of the Lord and do as much serving as we can. Brother, Christ came to save those who are without a relationship with Him. It is ALL about relationships. To preach Christ apart from a deep loving relationship is to preach another gospel. Christ desires a relationship, our gatherings are about a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with one another. It is not about meeting someone elses expectations of “church” it is not about judging one another because they are different, it is about loving one another in spite of our differences. We do not preach, that’s the job of the church planter, we teach one another, we exhort one another, we encourage one another, we sing to the Lord together, we share with each other, we listen to one another, etc. We are members of one body and He desires peace to rule in our hearts and to have Himself dwell richly within us. Only when this happens will we begin to express that same love to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.

It is not about how many to convert but how deeply we can love one another and in so doing allowing others see that love and desire that same kind of love that comes from the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That’s the church in the New Testament, His body, in whom His fullness dwells. That only happens when we love one another deeply from the heart, when we are enslaved to one another in love, because of the love of Christ. That’s what the world desires someone who will love them unconditionally and authentically and relationally not to be put into a system of programs and services to make them a religious person focused on what they do for the Lord.

I hope that this will become real for you that the love of Christ would move your own heart to allow Christ be the head of His church, to get out of the way and allow all of God’s people to share freely and to function freely. Our problem is that too often we do what we know we do what we have seen. And that too often is religious stuff, people in charge of this, people doing this program, people just sitting and listening. We learn relationships at a distance too often in our institutional churches because the system is set up that way, it helps to isolate us from one another, therefore no one really is able to function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ personally or corporately under His headship. The reason I guess that many complain about the institutional church is because they desire LIFE WITH CHRIST in a relational way with ONLY Christ leading and directing our times together and they are not finding His life in the institutional church. That takes time, it is a deconstructing process to learn to put off the old man of religion, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and to put on Jesus Christ, the tree of life.

Just some thoughts. God bless you brother.

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Hi there John

I have just read your reponse about organic church and I have to say that you have explained it beautifully. Our fellowship is at the very baby stage of this and we are still fumbling around trying to unpackage all the baggage we have brought along with us. Some of us find it more difficult than others, yet everyone is patient, loving and understanding (which never seemed to happen in the institutional church!!) Thank you for this answer and I think I will forward a copy onto our teacher. God Bless you as you listen to Him and follow Jesus.

Comment by Anne Banks

Thanks Anne for your kind words. Remember we can all teach one another, I assume your teacher is the church planter? God’s will be done. God bless you.

Comment by John Wilson

Hi John

Yes you are right. Our teacher is our Church planter. At present we have one group gather, however we intend to have other groups in different areas of the county e.g. Myself and five others travel 23 miles to go to the gathering and we hope to set up nearer home and spread the word. However, at the mopment we are all learning. We all envisage a few gatherings within the county in different areas, to make meeting together more accessible and to keep the numbers to a good level in each group.

It is really exciting.


Anne ♥

Comment by Anne Banks

Sounds awesome!

Comment by John Wilson

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