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The Church as Family by Molong Nacua
October 31, 2010, 2:57 pm
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Thought this was a wonderful description of the organic nature of the body of Christ by brother Molong Nacua from a facebook post who lives in the Philippines. Thought I would share what he said:

“No plan at all, we meet together as family, ‘being church together as family,’ we don’t go to church. No schedule to meet, we don’t meetings but we meet a lot. It is doing life together/JEsUS LIFE TOGETHER, that is while doing things togeth…er, cooking, eating, sleeping, walking to the market, gardening. swimming – lots of discussions happen, lots of prayers happen = everyday. Yes, everyday.

“We live from house to house, we encourage every family to live close together to look after each other, either a family is renting a house or buying or building, let’s live close to each other because we are family. It’s easy doing the 58 one another in the Bible because we live house to house like the early church. How can you put schedule of meetings in these types of gathering? What kind of religious activity does this kind of life fit into? When you eat, you eat with other brethren next door, or they come to you, when you have coffee have coffee together, when you go to the market take someone with you, this does make you busier? No, because you use the same time you do things to other people.

“When they get sick, everyone knows directly, everybody shares something ‘without prayer either God will lead you,’ you are family, they are family, thats normal, help is normal in the family. Purpose is giving is sharing, if you give and others don’t give this is giving only, not sharing, Guest gives but a family shares.

“No program meetings, schedules whatsoever. ‘NO TRACE OF RELIGION” here. Jesus is our life 24/7, how can you “attend a meeting” to Christ on that? We sing, we pray, we laugh, we cry, because Jesus is our life. In Him we live and move and have our being.”

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Wow! This is really good. A dream come true :O)

Comment by linda

Yes, Linda, Molong living in the Philippines is able to see life in Christ similar to the New Testament, as a family. Yes, a dream come true, in Christ.

Comment by John Wilson

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