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My thoughts on “95 THESES TO THE MODERN EVANGELICAL CHURCH by Greg Gordon”
November 7, 2010, 1:43 am
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“the problem is institutionalism. Almost everyone of these “theses” finds its genesis in the fact that Christ is not Head of His body but a person, a method, or a thing. God’s people do not know how to live by their indwelling Lord because they are taught to sit and listen to someone preach, so spiritual instincts are deadened and deformed. We do not live a shared life together as a family as a body of Christ, we are too focused on an individual Christianity with individual Christian disciplines versus a face to face participatory life in Christ, a “go to church” mentality versus a “being the church” actuality, pastor as head versus Christ as Head, a leader focused and control oriented organization versus a Christ as sole Leader who leads organically through any He chooses at any time within the His body for the building up of the body, a consumer oriented and programmed lifestyle versus bearing our cross daily and helping one another, a building maintenance money fixated philosophy versus loving our neighbor and one another sacrificially. As Christ said, “I will build my church.” “The world will know that you are my disciples because of your love for one another.” We are too overly protective to the detriment of the life of Christ in His body and therefore the problems we see. We do not trust Christ to be Head of His body. We do not really love one another.”


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appreciated 😉

Comment by aqworlds hack

Hey Bro John,
The following statement tore through my heart like a speeding arrow: “We do not trust Christ to be Head of His body. We do not really love one another.”
What hit me instantly is this: If we do not trust Jesus Christ to be the Head of His body, then of course, there is no way we could love one another. Without Christ, who is our Love and Life, as Head then “a” body would not expressing Him, thus lack of Love and Life. It is so extremely simple really!
Why are there so many complications? Only one reason stands evident to me: We are too full of pride and self-wisdom to trust Jesus Christ to be Head of His body.
Saddens my heart to the point of shatter.

Comment by Kat

So true Kat.

Comment by John Wilson

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Comment by seo link

glad you appreciated it, Christ so longs to be Head of His body.

Comment by John Wilson

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