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Response to Article by Ed Stetzer “Lottie Moon and House Churches”
December 29, 2010, 2:19 am
Filed under: 1- Discovering Organic Church Life Testimony, 1A - Spiritual Notes

This is a comment I made on Ed Stetzer’s blog article titled “Lottie Moon and House Churches” at

I believe sister Lottie Moon saw need for what Paul saw the need for, a sincere and pure devotion to Jesus Christ within His body, a focus on Christ alone as Head as found from simply living by His life organically allowing Christ to naturally express His grace, love, and faith to and through others. The church in the house is really nothing more than His people gathering together in places where life happens, in many instances in the home, but wherever His body gathers. It is when we leave this simple teaching of living by His life together and we bring in institutionalism that Christ no longer is head and the church becomes a place, a program, or an event and ceases to be the people of God who all function in face to face community. There are many who have left the church as a place, a program, or an event and have realized it is us, Christ living in His people, living by His life that we are transformed into the image of His Son, an expression of His grace, mercy, and love. May we have spiritual sight and see Christ manifested through one another as the church in confidence and freedom and not in one or two people who perform on on a platform, seeing Christ together through one another. Many resources are available for those seeking a more simple organic form of being the church. A very nice website is at: May the Lord find a place of rest in His people, a dwelling place by which He lives by His Spirit.


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