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January 1, 2011, 1:37 pm
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I got a question from a brother on facebook who asked some questions regarding a New Testament gathering and thought I would post it on my blog for others interested. Here is his question for context: “I have questions regarding its functioning & so forth. To begin, what sets the organic church apart from the institution & how frequent do the brethren gather (speaking from your personal experience).”

[for more articles related to our “Discovering Organic Church Life Testimony” life see my link on my blog]

Hi brother,
I would have to say that we are still learning how to live by Christ’s life organically with Christ as Head, in essence that is what “organic church” is about. Focus is on relationships, getting to know each other really well and naturally expressing Christ together as we listen to Him. Key has been detoxing, some more so than others, which means “in patience bearing with one another in love” and being “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to be angry” as a result.

Almost all the brothers and sisters meet once a week normally rotating from each others homes about every other week. We do a potluck/brunch and spend time sharing time with each other. We began initially a year ago by following some of the examples provided in “Finding Organic Church” by Frank Viola. Much of which is to help everyone learn to participate since institutional church tends to teach nonparticipatory gatherings by its “worship services.” There is no “leadership,” with the goal of everyone mutually sharing Christ with each other. There is no tithe taken since it was a type of tax in the Old Covenant, so everyone is free to personally share with those in need.

During our time together someone might share an ice breaking question, someone might share a need, someone might share a song, someone might share something they have learned recently, someone might share a testimony, etc. On some days we have spent most of our time singing, on some days we have spent most of our time sharing, on other days most of our time has been searching the Scripture together about something God has impressed the group with. We have gotten into a rut a few times and impressed by the Spirit someone different guides the group to do something creative. We have had new couples, friends from others, attend and we enjoy learning about one another, many due to having institutional baggage they are not willing to get rid of no longer return, thinking we are not following their expectations of church. So it seems we have had certain seasons.

The host home tend to be the servants of the group for a season, but everyone enjoys helping to serve each other and clean up when done. Some times we may go to a park and enjoy spending time playing a sport together or eating out somewhere. During the week we try to get together with another couple or so, often for dinner or movie or enjoy playing a board/video game or watch something on TV such as a sport. We are still learning to “hang out.”

I guess that’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps. Have a great New Year brother.

God bless.

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I am concerned with what you call “institutional baggage.” Maybe its not to others and take heed that you don’t become an accuser of the brethren and thinking that you and the so-called organic church is the only one who is doing church “right.” I hope you can love those of whom you say have “institutional baggage” who meet in a building and such, doing street ministry, prison ministry, supporting missionaries, who have Pastors and view this as “the way.”

Comment by Jerry Dupre'

thank you for the comments brother. I meant no offense, but only a reality. I did not say I do not love the brethren. I love my brothers and sisters.

Comment by John Wilson

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