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Comments on “Grow: Organic Discipleship” by Winfield Bevins
January 29, 2011, 10:43 pm
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below are some edited comments from a brief review of Winfield Bevins “Grow: Reproducing Through Organic Discipleship” at


I happened upon the link for the ebook from a facebook friend and so I began a review of the book. I have to say that much of the book is really nothing more than a restating of what has been the focus of most “purpose driven” churches for decades if not longer. Here is one quote from the book:

“reaching people in evangelism and missional ministry; new believers are connected through assimilation; believers grow through small groups, bible studies, and serving; and disciples are reproduced through mentoring and leadership development.”

I have been learning to live organically by the life of Christ with other brothers and sisters now for over a year, after realizing that the institutional model of church, with it’s clergy-laity divide and traditions of men, founded mainly in Old Covenant practices or not in Scripture at all and were actually impeding our life in Christ. After reading the booklet the word “organic” does not fit the description of this kind of discipleship. I did not see anything about learning to live by Christ’s life together freely in face to face participation which is the essence of living organically by the Spirit. Just some thoughts.


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