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Being Church As Family by Molong Nacua
March 28, 2011, 1:49 am
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Here is a note from facebook that my brother Molong posted. I loved this post and think it speaks to the idea of how the body of Christ reflects being the family of God. The Lord is pleased when He sees His Bride living and loving together by His life. May we learn to do so.

We encourage each extended family to live close to each other. Being church may change not only the way we live but also WHERE we live. It takes a commitment to do this, a commitment to love and care for each other deeply. The early church didn’t just live ‘from house to house’ simply because they liked each other. Living together is their ‘default’ system.

So, we ate together, drink coffee or tea together, play together, do gardening together, do market together, do laundry together, pray together-sing together-laugh together- doing things together. It is organic-church-life, it is JESUS-LIFE-TOGETHER. This does not make you busy at all for the hours that you spent to do market, etc together is the same as other saints.

We don’t do meetings but we meet a lot. We don’t do ‘scheduled’ meetings but meet ‘spontaneously’ instead. How can you plan a schedule to meet when you just live next door? So, we don’t do ‘prayer meetings’ but we pray a lot! We don’t do ‘Bible Study Meetings’ but we discuss the Bible a lot – while we do gardening, laundry, walking, playing or having coffee.

Everyday we meet over coffee or a meal. Everyday, just as the early church. We help one another, we buy meds for each other, we pay bills to each other, we buy rice for each other. We don’t have ‘Christian neighbors’ but we are FAMILY. We don’t sponsor a brother or a sister to school, we HELP them. We treated one another as our own family members. It is not about ‘pastoring a member’ as you see in modern churches but it is FATHERING AND MOTHERING YOUR NEXT GENERATION as your own ‘children in the Lord.’

Find out more about Molong and how he and the other brothers and sisters in the Philippines are learning to live and love by Christ’s life at his blog: