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Review of Frank Viola’s new book “Revise Us Again” (Condensed Version)
April 26, 2011, 1:56 am
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Thought I would share with you a more condensed version of my review of Frank Viola’s new book “Revise Us Again: Living From A Renewed Christian Script.”

What a great book! I highly recommend every Christian to read it! “Revise Us Again” is a refreshing book that takes a thoughtful but candid look at and a fresh perspective of how brothers and sisters gather together, sharing life together. The problem is our “religious script” as Frank calls it. “As Christians, we can safely assume that some of the script we have been handed matches the heart and mind of our Master. But typically, much of it doesn’t.” So begins a very revealing look at how typically the body of Christ relates according to the each others “script” and how to view our life as one in Christ, and to be “revised and re-visioned to match His heart and mind.”

As I read the book Frank comes across like a brother sitting in your house (over some coffee, 🙂 ) with a gathering of brothers and sisters and sharing his heart about living by Christ’s life, reminiscent of the little book “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As stated in the back of the book “Frank Viola believes we need to revisit and revise what it means to live the Christian life.” Frank, himself a church planter, with an apostolic functioning, brings his hearts burden for the body of Christ, those things he has learned of Christ as he walks with brothers and sisters organically, to learn to live by the life of Christ, to live by the Spirit.

Areas of living life together that Frank shares with the brothers and sisters are some of the following:

– learning to recognize the different ways God speaks through His people and the importance of seeking the mind of Christ together.

– the importance of speaking with our own words what you believe God has said without having to punctuate it with “The Lord told me.”

– the importance of walking in wisdom and doing what God has empowered us to do to help and serve others in love in the everyday moments of life.

– the importance of being “better listeners” towards one another in order to better “understand each other.”

– the importance of Christ being the center of the gospel, because if He is not “at its center (it) is doomed to fail.”

– the importance of “intentionally (being) aware that He is with you and in you,” to intentionally set our minds on Him versus some thing or some one.

– the importance of having “a steady dose of God’s infinite grace to avoid falling sway to” the same spirit that opposes us.

– the importance of realizing that Christ is not the God of our expectations.

– the importance of “the centrality, supremacy, sovereignty, and exaltation of the Lord Jesus” in our church gatherings.

– the importance of seeing the body of Christ as a shared life. We know Christ through His body. Frank also gives warning about not moving forward in Christ together, not receiving Christ when he comes to us unexpectedly and the importance of diversity in the body of Christ.

– the importance of seeing that only Paul’s gospel that he preached, the same as that of Christ Jesus is real, “the gospel of the new creation.” This is perhaps one section above all others that is a must read, as institutionalism, whether in a house or a “church” building, no matter the form, corrupts Christ to either libertinism or legalism.

So Frank ends his little book. I feel like I have sat around some brothers and sisters, those whom I love, those whom I have offended, and realize how dead the flesh is and how alive Christ wants to be expressed in me, in us, and I cry “Christ you are our life, may we so live by your life, come quickly, may it be so.” How we need to remember these words about the Christian life: “For Paul, the Christian life is becoming what you already are.” “Revise Us Again” helps us to learn to live life together.


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Great review! Very thorough…tried to purchase it locally and found that I had to wait. Your review excites me to read it! Thanks!

Comment by Tristan H.

Thanks Tristan! A great read, very practical, definitely a gem of a book to help one hear and live by Christ with our brothers and sisters.

Comment by John Wilson

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