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“Gay” Marriage
June 30, 2011, 2:13 pm
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This is a comment I provided on Anne Rice’s facebook post of the following article and thought others might benefit from it.


the New Testament letters were written to gatherings of followers of Christ to stay focused on living by Christ’s life, to know Him better by loving one another; this occurred through the process of “putting off the flesh,” seeing that it is dead and was nailed to the cross, and “putting on Christ,” seeing that He is now our life; it requires “spiritual sight” as T. Austin-Sparks would describe it. Whatever the world does it does because of idolatry as the article states and I totally agree with this, but the author’s of the New Testament letters focus was on learning to love and not to name all of the horrendous ways people were idolaters, since this only causes an unhealthy infatuation with what is wrong versus what is right and Jesus never did that. Homosexuality is of the flesh and in Christ has been nailed to the cross and is dead, it is something to put off in order to put on Christ and to experience more of His love and grace with His people. Perhaps those who see what is occurring in the government with the legalization of “gay marriage” as being one more thing by which people will become further engulfed into that which is contrary to Christ. I guess it would be like legalizing stealing, adultery, etc. Of course there are others who think that a government, like the United States is a “Christian” nation and so would be totally turned off by this legalization of homosexuality. I am of the opinion that there is only one Christian nation and that is the body of Christ dispersed within all the nations of the world, so if a government legalizes “gay” marriage or not is really not unexpected. It is only acting like it’s nature. Perhaps the legalization of “gay” marriage provides more opportunity for those “in Christ’ to demonstrate greater love.


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The mistake Christians made was mixing religion with politics of this world, trying to justify making something illegal solely because the Bible says it is wrong. I wrote a thought-out article discussing why homosexual marriages are bad for society, and I never once used the Bible.
Since we are playing politics in this world’s arena, it has to be a secular, political argument and you have to use their philosophical reasoning to present a good case. We know what God expects of us as His sons, but he doesn’t expect the heathens to conform to that. They can’t, as they are slaves to their own sins.
But honestly, I don’t mind. From where I sit, let’s hand them over to the sins that they demand. Our freedom and what is good and right fell a long time ago, before I was even a sparkle in my daddy’s eye. God has handed America over to the sins she demands, and America deserves every consequence she gets from it.

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