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Brothers and Sisters Reimagining Church
July 3, 2011, 7:57 pm
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It has been some months since I last posted on how the brothers and sisters here in the west Houston area have been learning to gather with Christ organically. For some time we have been going through a season of building relationships, getting to know one another better. Today I sensed a new season, a new sense of freedom in our sharing with one another, every person sharing freely their heart and the Christ in them.

We enjoyed coming together this morning at our home enjoying catching up with one another over a shared meal, encouraging one another. In the same room, the breakfast/kitchen area, some were enjoying a game of chess. Later we went into the living room and discussed using Frank Viola’s book, “Reimagining Church,” to learn how to move forward in Christ in a more organic way. We had read together the last half of “Finding Organic Church” many months ago together during a season of learning about how to gather and we did so with baby steps. It was following that time that half of the brothers and sisters decided to no longer gather together as I shared in a previous blog. Thinking that, because of what had happened a few months ago, we were waiting on the Lord for the season to relook with fresh eyes how to live by the life of Christ together.

We had some discussion on how to go about reading “Reimagining Church” together and decided on each person reading a page or two going around and letting each person read and participate. Each either had a copy of the book or had it on a kindle or phone. We read together the Preface and the Introduction concluding with “I Have A Dream” that described Frank’s dream of a church lived organically by the life of Christ and not on some thing or someone. This led to a lot of open and mutual discussion of the impressions each of us had from what we read. Much of the conversation centered on learning to know and love Christ better, learning to listen to Him, having a clear conscience in relating to one another, and entering Christ’s rest. Some shared words from scripture, some shared stories, others asked questions. Most had not read the book yet and think that the Spirit had a big impact on reviewing what we thought had been our expectations of what and how we gathered. Of concern was how to live a shared life with our families because of being so far apart.

We spent some time later sharing together, opening hearts towards one another, others helping clean up. We left with a sense of the importance of Christ being our Head and our life. We discussed where to meet next week and others shared about how to meet up together during the week. We are just some brothers and sisters reimagining church that Christ desires.


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