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Seeing Christ in Psalm 119 (Psalm 118 in Septuagint)
July 7, 2011, 4:54 pm
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After having done a word study of the Greek word “logos” I happened to think about Psalm 119 since it uses “word” often in its verses. The Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament is called the Septuagint. For more on the Septuagint, also know in short as the LXX go to: It was the Greek version of the Old Testament during the time of Jesus and it is often the translation of the Old Testament that was quoted or paraphrased in the New Testament. Given this I thought I would take a look at where I found “word” in Psalm 119 and checked out the online Septuagint for Psalm 118 to find the “singular masculine” parts of speech for “logos.” I’m not sure why Psalm 119 in the Hebrew OT is Psalm 118 in the LXX. Will have to research that later. To better understand what I mean by these words go to my previous overview of my word study for the Greek word “logos.” The online version of the LXX is at: The below verses are those that include the singular masculine parts of speech for “logos”:

Logos (singular nominative masculine)
89 Forever, O LORD, Your word (logos) is settled in heaven.
105 Your word (logos) is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Logon (singular accusative masculine)
25 My soul cleaves to the dust; revive me according to Your word (logon).
65 You have dealt well with Your servant, O LORD, according to Your word (logon).
81 My soul languishes for Your salvation; I wait for Your word (logon).
107 I am exceedingly afflicted; revive me, O LORD, according to Your word (logon).
114 You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word (logon).
154 Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me according to Your word (logon).

Below are some thoughts of Christ in these verses:

The Father’s purpose in His Son, the Word, is settled!
Christ in us, our indwelling Word of God, is our light and gives us spiritual sight to know Him better as we live by Him!
Our soul cleaves to the Father but we are only revived by His Son in us.
The Father deals well with us according to His Son in us!
Our soul languishes for salvation but our consolation is only found in Christ in us.
Without Christ we are condemned but in Christ there is now no longer any condemnation. Our affliction has been taken away and we have been made alive with Christ!
We are hidden in Christ, He is our shield!
The case against us, being dead in our transgression, has been resolved by being redeemed and revived, made alive in Christ!


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Great Word, John.. right to the core of the matter. Christ alone the Logos with no beginning and no end.. Our life graced us in Him!

Comment by Joseph Black

Thanks brother for the comments! Christ is the core and life!

Comment by John Wilson

Christ is the reality of the word. how good to know that gods plan is established forever: this plan (christ and christ as the church) is the great theme of the whole bible. the bible is the physical written word, but its reality is christ in us as the organic church.

Comment by rafael

amen brother!

Comment by John Wilson

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