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Are we to experience the Word of Righteousness, Christ in us?
July 21, 2011, 3:26 pm
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According to Hebrews 5-6 the answer is yes.

I thought I would share a response to a dear sister reference my thoughts from my latest blog:

I am thinking Cheryl wouldn’t mind me sharing it since probably others may have asked the same question but didn’t. So I am making a note of this to perhaps help clarify my thoughts, and by no means has Christ exhausted all that we could learn from scripture from my little tidbits of information. If you would like to add your comments to my blog please do so, would love to hear from you. Also, by the way I have not yet finished this blog as it really is a part 1 of 2 (maybe 3, lol), so look to the future as I finish blogging on chapter 6 of Hebrews which I have found one of the more difficult passages to learn, so need spiritual sight! (You might want to read the blog first before reading the question and answer below).

Here is her question and my response follows (I have edited my response below from the blog):

“Surely you aren’t meaning that once we see, touch, taste, smell Christ we no longer go to His Word? That seems to be what happens in search of a “deeper life,” when moving into the realm of the experiential “Christianity” and no longer looking to the Word. That “seems” to be what you hear from those who have moved on.”

Comment by Cheryl Lobo Kaster July 20, 2011 @ 3:42 pm


Hi Cheryl,

actually to experience the Word of Righteousness, Christ in us together, is to share that measure of the gift of Christ that we have been given. That measure of the gift of Christ in us is a phrase used in Ephesians 4 and in 1 Cor and Rom 12 they are described as spiritual gifts. In reality when we share the gift of Christ in us to and through one another in love we share Christ’s life. Teaching is one of those gifts, but only one. Additionally, teaching can be more than just sharing something from the Bible that has inspired you about the Lord. We can all share what we have learned about Christ in our life with one another, which is also called teaching. Obviously it will conform to what we have in scripture. Too often though I have seen the tendency that the only thing that happens in a gathering is that each person shares a passage of scripture and then talk about it, a “deep” Bible study if you will, where everyone is focused on gaining knowledge, instead of actually sharing Christ. These groups will become great Bible study groups but they have neglected the rest of the spiritual gifts that can be in the body to display the fullness of Christ’s life. The lists in Rom 12 and 1 Cor 12 are some of just a few gifts of Christ that the body can express in love. There is also the other extreme where the only thing that happens is sharing about nothing of Christ and no one is edified by Him. In both of these instances we can come away feeling excited and enthused but are left wholly dry.

Also understand that moving forward doesn’t mean leaving behind the reading and studying of scripture, for those who desire to do so, obviously me being one of them, :). But is the reading and studying of scripture something every brother and sister are “suppose” to do in the body of Christ? Is that set in stone in the Bible? I know that for church planters, such as what we see in the letters to Timothy and Titus there is special significance for these workers in readying and studying the Bible. Because almost every home probably has a copy of the Bible it is a shame that not all believers actually read and study it, but I think that is where we have missed it, we have made the reading and studying of the Bible an individual endeavor instead of a community endeavor. We do not live a shared life in a community of believers, where everyone shares from Christ within them, more than just one day a week. Some will have the spiritual instinct because of their gifting to read and study the Bible and share what they have learned of Christ from it with others, but is every brother and sister suppose to or can we all share the different gift God has given us and express a beautiful robe of many colors of gifts within the body and so fully express Christ? Too often those who are the “spiritual” persons are the ones who “know” the Bible, and it causes others, who are not like them, to feel like second class citizens. I know, I’ve seen it happen before.

So after all that I have said I hope you can glean that while I do not advocate no longer going into the Bible, I do advocate that every brother and sister have different gifts and we miss out on truly experiencing the fullness of Christ by not allowing others to share their gift of Christ, what they are learning from Christ, and at the same time allow Christ to use us in sharing what we have learned of Christ from scripture. We do not all have the same gifts but we do all have the same Gift, Christ. Blessings sis. Hope this help to clarify your question.


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