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“Jesus, who went before us, has entered (the inner sanctuary) on our behalf.”
August 5, 2011, 1:33 pm
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The author, at the end of Chapter 6 to his letter to Hebrews, after having concluded that Jesus gives us “hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” because He “went before us” and “has entered” “the inner sanctuary” now describes why He did so, it was “on our behalf.” “On our behalf” are two Greek words and they are most important! Everything Jesus did, what the author is now about to describe was for us, on behalf of us! Could we see with His eyes what He did for us, how singularly significant was the event that took place when Jesus entered “the inner sanctuary?” How we would be diligent “to the very end, in order to make your hope sure” and not “become lazy” but live a shared life with our other brothers and sisters, living by the life of Christ together! For in Christ, He has entered us; He is now our life and He did so “on our behalf!” May we see Christ Jesus our Lord with new eyes!

Chapters 7 to 10 describe what Jesus did when He entered “the inner sanctuary” and its monumental implications that has brought in “the new order” and new way of life, not of the flesh but of the Spirit. Because Jesus “has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek” a change in every aspect of the Jewish priesthood and law and sacrifices has occurred. In these chapters a number of descriptions from the narratives of the Old Testament are discussed and the change brought by Jesus when He entered “the inner sanctuary.” For those believers who are from Jewish descent, because of the temptation to fall back to Judaism and the suffering they have had to endure, it is of upmost priority that they see the superiority of Jesus to the Judaism of the Old Testament and the help He offers as a result. But because of the “craftinesses of the devil” the body of Christ, whether from a Jewish culture or not, can fall back to a form Judaism, a form of legalism, and it is of upmost priority to see the importance of Christ in the life of the body. Perhaps you come from a religious background, perhaps even the legalism and institutionalism of Christianity, which is a falling away of the body of Christ back to a form of Judaism, this section is an eye opener to recognize the all sufficiency of Christ Jesus our Lord and the importance of living solely by His life together without need of a so called human mediator(s) and their so called laws.

It really is about a shared life not an individual life. To say we can live an individual Christian life without need of living by the Spirit with other brothers and sisters is a form of self deception, it is to make claim to yourself as a type of high priest with your own law, something further away then even the Old Testament describes, because it is selfish, you have made yourself an idol and do not realize the necessity of the corporate life of the body of Christ. In the western culture of priding in our individualism I and many others of Christ have and continue to struggle with this form of fleshly bondage. May we see the change Christ Jesus our Lord has made “on our behalf,” because of what He did “once for all.” “For when there is a change of the priesthood, there must also be a change of the law.”



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Losing oneself in Christ with all the brothers and sisters together. At one point, it sounded terrifying, but as we come closer to Him, I think we realize that we don’t cease to be; we just cease to be alone. God is so good!

Comment by cindyinsd

wow Cindy, love that thought:

“as we come closer to Him, I think we realize that we don’t cease to be; we just cease to be alone.”


Comment by John Wilson

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