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Students Learning to Participate in the Life of Christ Together

Students had a wonderful time learning to share Christ with one another today! I thought you might be edified from it and gives you a brief view of the gathering. This is a gathering of middle school students invited to enjoy a time of fun, faith, and fellowship before school begins in a conference room.

Today was an exceptional day in the life of the younger brothers and sisters.They learned that the expectations of gathering together was for each to participate, to edify one another, sharing something of Christ, making Christ Head of the gathering. Too often we let the “leaders” do all of the serving and we become spectators, not growing in Christ as a result, but I purposefully did not try to function but to help the young brothers and sisters participate. This often resulted in moments of silence, which is healthy, helping each to hear Christ on their own and to sense how to share Christ with others. This caused many to “work out their salvation.”

Most were unsure how to share Christ, this often can lend itself to singing songs which most can do, and is a good way to start learning to participate. In the process they learned how to lead songs on their own, songs that they felt led to sing. Too often they wanted me to begin the song, but I quietly remained silent. As a result some were challenged to start a song and so encouraged the brothers and sisters to sing together. One song in particular is “Our Awesome God” a revision of “Awesome God,” one which I love to lead, but did not. Another song that a young sister led was “How He Loves Us” and thinking this helped the other brothers and sisters see what leading a song looked like. One young sister was unsure how to lead a song, although she knew the chorus. She asked if anyone could start it for the group. There was silence. I mentioned that in scripture that the brothers and sisters often “spoke to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” and did not have to sing it if they did not feel gifted to sing. She was encouraged and read the entire song to the group. So they learned that you can actually read a song to the brothers and sisters. It was quite wonderful!

A young brother asked if the group could sing “Revelation Song,” another favorite of mine. He asked if someone else could lead it, after a moment of silence a sister said if the group could begin at the count of 3. It was cute, :). At the end of the song I was prompted from the inner man to ask what they thought “You are our everything” from the song meant? A sister mentioned that for her it means Christ being our Creator. I agreed and pointed out how as Creator He has left His fingerprint on all of His creation, so when we fix our eyes on Jesus, when He becomes our all in all, we begin to see something of Christ in everything and pointed to the chair, the floor, the ceiling, the light fixture, the window, etc. This requires spiritual sight.

A sister led “The Love Song” and everyone had a lot of fun trying to sing it. 🙂 As a result one young sister testified of a wonderful friendship she has with some other sisters and gave an example, edifying one of those sisters next to her. So much so that they hugged each other. There was much joy. I asked the group where did “love” come from? A sister quoted a passage from 1 John 4 from memory about love coming from God. I pointed out that our sister who testified of her love for her other sisters, that love, actually came from Christ in her, and that her love is because of His life in her. I could sense that this was a moment of reflection.

I could tell Christ, for the time we were together, found a place of rest with His people. There were a number of new students and sure that many went away refreshed that in freedom we can actually participate in the life of Christ, and saw love being expressed. It was a wonderful time of encouragement!


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