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Review of the animated movie “The Secret of Kells”
April 29, 2012, 2:52 pm
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Our family has Irish roots and we enjoy fine arts so this movie has a definite appeal to us. “The Book of Kells” has also been something of an enigma with it’s legendary past and it’s beautiful illuminations that have never been equaled. Perhaps it is because of the illuminations that many often forget what The Book of Kells is, the four gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ. But the illuminations were meant to express something beautiful or perhaps better, an analogy of Someone who is altogether Beautiful.

The movie “The Secret of Kells” is a historical fiction. It is an animated story of the completing of The Book of Kells. Some might get distracted by the pagan elements in the story, but remember it is historical fiction. Perhaps it would do well to remember that much of the traditional practices that are in our institutional churches come from paganism.

I see this as a story of the problem of institutionalism, the problem of when our focus becomes our fear and self effort and being insular instead of a focus on faith and simplicity and engagement in life. Perhaps it also gives, somewhat unintentionally, a view of institutional Christianity and of staying inside the safe walls which some build for themselves versus life together which is organic and expresses a life of selflessness and service. Those who are in institutional gatherings can often see those brothers and sisters who are learning to live organically by the Spirit as something of an enigma as well.

The Bible, as the Book of Kells demonstrates, was meant to not be a book to just be read but a book to be illuminated, expressed by His life lived through His body in a dark world. The body of Christ was originally organic, she lived by the Spirit of Christ in her in the ups and downs of daily life in a fallen world. The letter of Acts demonstrates this, and it also shows how quick she can fall for institutionalism making something or someone else Head of her gatherings. Institutionalism has more times than not caused the life of Christ to be hidden in her people, perhaps unintentionally, with the idea of protecting the body. But Christ does not need protecting, He is quite able to be Lord of His body if we humble ourselves and hear Him, following Him. This is expressed as we live by faith, loving one another based on the measure of faith and gift He has given us.

“The book was never meant to be hidden away behind walls locked away from the world despite its creation…you must take the book to the people so that they may have hope.” Christ, the Word of God, is our hope. May we bring Him, express Him, illuminate His beautiful life to all we meet.

Here is an excellent video trailer of “The Secret of Kells.”

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