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Comment to “Christians and Violence” by Preston Sprinkle
May 15, 2012, 1:36 am
Filed under: 1A - Spiritual Notes

Here is a comment I gave to a blog by Preston Sprinkle from his article “Christians & Violence, Part 1.” The link to his article is: Thought others might like to read.


I know that many have strong convictions on either side of the debate. From my perspective it is a matter of a clear conscience which is not dictated by someone else’s opinion. Living by Christ’s life, His Spirit, we will love, even our enemies. But this expression is a process learned together as we hear Him and follow Him. Jesus’ life is other, not of this world. Too often, brothers and sisters judge each other based on worldly opinions, and if those opinions do not align with their own then they break fellowship or worse call them unChristian, totally contrary to the life of Christ. I used to be one who labeled Christians into different camps based on what they believed and only fellowshipped with those who believed like I did. Over the years I have realized that each member has a measure of faith and gift of Christ to the building up of the body in faith and love. When we label others, such as which view is right or wrong we move in the direction of labeling, often leading to heated disputes which is not loving and not of Christ. Don’t get me wrong I believe we should ask questions, but when it comes to questions of whether Christians should be in politics, the military, etc, then we move into an area based on opinions.



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