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My Comments from “Lessons from RUSH” by Frank Viola
June 13, 2012, 1:15 pm
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These comments were posted on Frank’s blog on September 21, 2010:


wow! Frank Viola is commenting on my favorite band! While I enjoy listening to many genres of music, RUSH is definitely the only one band that I can listen to anything they have made and enjoy. Since going to their Signals tour in Atlanta, GA back in 1982 (?) I was hooked. Watching them perform “Countdown” was amazing (although most don’t care for the song). (The song is about the first space shuttle launch.) Neil has a real grasp of human nature and is amazing how much stamina he has had to deal with due to the loss of his wife and daughter in such tragic circumstances. His ability to write lyrics that have such emotional and intellectual depth is amazing. Geddy’s and Alex’s friendship is so unheard of. Their ability to write and play music so complex and yet so mixed with emotional energy is crazy! The documentary was nothing but outstanding (short of some of the language, lol).

There was another video interview done with Geddy and Alex in Canada (I think) and they were asked what they thought of the documentary. Geddy made an astute observation: the power of friendship.

How as unbelievers these three men and their families could have such friendship to care enough for each other and the freedom to allow each other to pursue their individual styles within the band, even though they disagreed, and still stay together is short of a miracle! I believe they did so because they knew it made them stronger. What an indictment to institutional Christianity

To see how people can actually have that kind of care yet not acknowledge Christ is the wonder of the human soul. Some things every church could learn from: freedom to share with each other and have fun, each an equal contributor and participant, caring enough to listen, and a focus on the main thing (for church the headship of Christ).

They have some great songs planned for the next album, one of them is Brought Up To Believe and seems to be a move of Neil’s heart toward acknowledging a God, in the face of his previous lyrics of Freewill and Faithless, but I pray for him and Geddy and Alex that they might receive Christ Jesus as Lord.

Me and the family will be at our next RUSH concert this Saturday here in Houston (with ear plugs on, lol). The Time Machine Tour is supposedly their best yet, even after some 4o years. Amazing!

By the way some of my favorite classic RUSH songs:

La Villa Stragtiato
Natural Science
The Trees
Bytor and the Snowdog

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