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Comments to “The Tree of Life? Watch Out!” by Jim Wright
June 23, 2012, 2:28 pm
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This is from my comments from a facebook discussion (a bit edited) between me and my brother Jim Wright based on his blog at


– like any teaching guessing it depends if the goal “is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”
– the importance of learning to hear Christ, living by Him, having a clear conscience by faith love one another.

– John, I agree with you. I only urge you to realize, however, that there is no dichotomy between love and truth, or between the Living Word and the written word, or between the person of Jesus and his commands. I just wish folks would stop trying to say it is all the subjective heart – as vitally important and valid as that is. Really, can’t we embrace the fulness of Christ as He Himself has chosen to reveal Himself – relationally, by speaking to the heart, by speaking through scripture, through objective moral code and commands, etc. The either/or mentality is one of the biggest problems facing the organic/simple church community. Where I am seeing fruit is where fellowships and communities have understood there is no such false dichotomies, but have embraced all of Christ.

– Jim, appreciate your words, this is a bit lengthy so I hope you don’t mind if I share some thoughts. I guess I am a bit confused by what you mean as a dichotomy between love and truth or between the Living Word and the written word. (I had to look up the word “dichotomy” to understand what you meant, lol) I will have to say that there are those brothers and sisters who based on abuse or error in the church can often go to the extremes. I do not fault them for this, it is something that must be learned to be put off as we love one another by faith. I am although seeing that only the Father can reveal Himself, whether through the Bible, others, nature, or circumstances; Jesus showed this often in the stories and parables given to us in the gospels. I can read the Bible all day like Martin Luther but until my eyes are open do I see Christ in the Bible, others, nature, or circumstances of life. This is seen many times in the New Testament, such as the two disciples who walked with Jesus and ate bread with Him after His resurrection. Obviously Martin Luther had his issues about truth and love, to the point of exterminating those who did not believe the way he did. The problem of institutionalism, focusing one aspect of Christ over another. I can be focused on the truth yet not have love as 1 Cor 13-14 says. So to some degree there is a mystery here. Christ Jesus is a Person not a book, only with spiritual sight can I see Him described in the Bible and learn more about Him. God does not equal the Bible. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Bible basher, I love to read it and learn more of Christ from it, to know more about how to live by His life with others, and to better understand it. But this is only milk, not meat. The Bible is milk, Christ’s life is meat. It is my opinion that Christ’s life in His body, no matter the measure of faith or gift given to each, even if we did not have the scripture would still be living according to the principles of scripture. Thinking that many, especially the Gentile ekklesias had no scripture, just Christ by whom they lived by, yet still followed the principles given in the Bible. [Something to think about is that the Jerusalem ekkelsia towards the end of Paul’s journey’s had become legalistic at best, which should give us cause to be wary about focusing soley on following the Old Testament rules and regulations or any cultural traditions over and against the life of Christ in His people, forgetting that in Christ the Old Testament commands with its rules and regulations have been abolished in His flesh. Christ fulfilled them, we now live by the law of Christ, law of love. This doesn’t mean we are libertine. Christ’s life is not libertine but love. To live by Him we will freely love.] There is only one Holy Spirit who inspired scripture and who also dwells within us. He cannot deny Himself. Even John noted that he did not write down everything that Jesus said or did; there is more to Christ to know than we have in the Bible; the unsearchable riches as it were. My thought is that to embrace all of Christ is to embrace all of His people, in whom He dwells, no matter the measure of faith and gift that He gives each, whether those whom God gives to teach about Him from scripture or not, as teaching in this light is but one of numerous ways the body mutually encourages one another. It is my opinion though, as I have learned, that no matter the faith or gift given to each brother or sister we each can learn, are taught, by one another something of Christ in the process, based on light we have been given. I have to say that based on this, subjectivity goes out the window since to see the fulness of Christ in His body goes beyond any one person’s faith or gift of Christ. I sometimes think that we make assumptions about others, judge others if you will, based on our lack of understanding of one another’s vocabulary. I have to say Jim, that you are more learned than I am as I do not have some of the vocabulary that you use since I have to go to a dictionary to understand what you mean such as dichotomy and objective moral code, :). For some when those words and others are used can give someone, especially out of the institutional church an uneasiness, as they can be seen as haughty and as a result become defensive. You may not think so, but I’m just looking at a perspective, it may be because they do not have the same measure of faith and obviously more of the flesh to put off. When you say “objective moral code” my guess is that you are referring to loving one another, such as the “golden rule.” When you say the word “commands, etc.” many see this as a door to legalism, something the institutional church has used, even God’s commands out of context, to make subject God’s people to their own fleshly interests. What commands are we referring to? There is but one command that Jesus gave on the night He was betrayed, to love one another. And that love has many shades of color in each person by His life in us. That is why we are called throughout the New Testament to hear Him, believe Him, and follow Him. And that manifestation or expression will always be love, full of grace and truth. I have to say that it is also possible that the opinions of others in regarding ekklesias living by the life of Christ as presented by others may be the result of not having experienced the “gore and glories” of putting off the flesh and putting on Christ. (as Frank would say,:)) But many have. My guess is that not every ekklesia is going to look the same based on the “field” that they have been planted in. So I guess when we see blogs, books, etc from others learning about organic/simple church life we are only seeing a part of Christ not the whole Christ and so I like to think I hold my judgment, praising God for the light that has been given to each ekklesia. So those are my thoughts brother, from the light I have been given by our Lord.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond. There is some good additional dialog in the comments to my original blog, as well, which illustrate some of the issues addressed in that blog. They are at

Comment by Jim Wright

It wasn’t as obvious at the time this was written but since then it’s become clearer what the fruit of what Jim Wright is speaking about here is. Jim’s experience in organic church was somewhat by necessity because he was excommunicated from his last church and in conflict with the church he was in before that time.

His “fellowship” here in Northern Virginia where I live has no other point of contact other than Jim Wright and no spokesperson other than Jim Wright.

He claims to be an “elder” and “organic church sower” and yet was divorced and there are statements from his prior churches that I’ve heard that speak of emotional, spiritual and mental abuse. There are court records as well that do little to dispel these reports.

I would use great care in communicating or listening to what Jim Wright has to say and be aware that he has a tendency to make exaggerated and grandiose claims about himself, his “fellowships” and he has several named organizations that have no evidence of anyone speaking or acting for them other than Jim Wright.

Bart Breen

Comment by Bart Breen

Additional information regarding Jim Wright and his ongoing campaign to smear multiple people in the organic church movement.

Comment by Bart Breen

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