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The Alternator of a Car
August 18, 2012, 5:13 pm
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Just as the alternator of a car can either drain the energy from the battery or let the energy flow to the rest of parts of the car, so too the body of Christ when she lives selfishly or unselfishly towards one another.

Just as the driver must remove and replace the alternator that drains the battery in the car, so to He must do the same in the body of Christ.

But after changing the alternator, the car will only sit and idle until the driver moves the car. Just as the driver must drive the car in order for it to move, so too the body of Christ when she has Christ as Head.

Each of these may look different dependent upon the gathering of the brothers and sisters, but when she is living by Christ as Head together there is always life.

Is she living by a system, a philosophy, a tradition, a personality, a something or someone or is she living by a Person? The bottom line is is she living by the flesh, by the soul-life, which is selfish, or by the Spirit, which is selfless?

How “does” the body remove the alternator of the car? How “does” the body let the driver move the car? How “do” we put off the flesh and put on Christ, to live together by the Head, the Life, the Spirit of Christ together?

She cannot. Only Christ can remove it. Only Christ can give life. Only Christ can give eyes to see and ears to hear what He is telling her.

In truth Christ has removed the old life on the cross! In truth Christ has raised us to His new life! The old is gone the new has come. We now live no longer by the soul-life but by the Spirit. May we hear Him together and follow Him by faith with love, living by this Reality!

To get around replacing the alternator we jump start the battery, but this only lasts so long, soon the battery is drained of energy along with having a dead alternator. When a crisis comes we too often want to go to a “new” church or in the “old” church start a new program, e.g. a building program, new Sunday school classes or Bible studies, or do a new model of church, to “jump start” the body, instead of letting Christ fix the real problem.

A car will need an alternator changed many times in its life, so to the body of Christ. During times of crisis, she must continue to fix her eyes on Him in order to see her life more fully in Christ and move forward in deeper experience in Him with one another by faith with love.

May we humbly ask Father to open the eyes of the body to her Life in His Son by the Spirit.



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Very well put. It’s so awesome how the Lord uses the things in our daily lives to show us things in the spiritual. He did the same thing with me when using a continuity tester – … Our flesh wants to think we ‘get it’ and are ‘walking in it’… then the daily trials and testings reveal that we are still very much ‘in-part,’ and still don’t know nearly as much as we thought we did, which drives us to the exact place that He wants us, which is totally dependent upon Him, no longer leaning on the arm of the flesh. It is very hard to ‘let go’ of all the ‘peripherals about Christ’ that we picked up from wherever we may have traveled in this life thus far, and come to the realization that it is all about Him, and not about us. That He alone is (can) building His Church, one part at a time, on an individual level. If we are not joined in living relationship with Him, we aren’t going anywhere. As you pointed out so well, our attempts to jump start a bad part, won’t fix the problem.

Comment by Cathy Morris

amen Cathy, thank you so much for commenting. We are too prone to forget that Jesus said “I will build my ekklesia.” Thanks again sister.

Comment by John Wilson

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