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Gathering in the Garden
October 12, 2012, 1:53 am
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I thought I would post a blog related to a wonderful gathering the young brothers and sisters had this morning before school. It seemed to be more of a time of guiding the brothers and sisters to learn how to participate. I think that God did something wonderful in each heart as they learned to share and hear Christ.

I had been asking Father about how the young brothers and sisters could “break the ice” as they gathered together this morning. The idea of asking the brothers and sisters how they feel when they are in garden came to mind. The Spirit had impressed me earlier with the thought of His people gathering in the garden. I have been thinking of this for sometime, something that has impressed me quite a lot as a result of reading “Jesus: A Theography” by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola.

We had a wonderful group of young people show up, as a result many were not sure how to “interact” with one another. Everyone shared their name and what grade each were in. I asked what they thought was the reason for gathering together. Not many wanted to share. I pointed out how brothers and sisters gathered to be encouraged and strengthened by one another. I noted that when brothers and sisters gathered in the New Testament they brought something of Christ to share, a testimony, a song, expressing love to one another.

I have come to realize that even at an early age the institutional church teaches our youngest brothers and sisters to be nonparticipants in the “one anothers.” But just like the students, adults too, those in Christ, can have difficulty relating to one another because of not having learned to participate in Christ with one another (and I’m still learning).

One of the other facilitators arrived and brought some juice and so we helped serve juice to everyone as we all found our way back to our circle of chairs.

I mentioned to the group that I was going to increase their faith, that is Christ in me. I asked them to think about how they feel or what they like to do when they are in a garden or a forest. Then asked each person to share their thought one at a time. Each brother and sister shared a wonderful thought! Words such as peaceful, smelling flowers, exploring, rest, laying in the grass, climbing a tree, looking for animals, were some of what was shared.

Midway through the sharing a young girl arrived at about this time, her name is Angel. I mentioned to the group that our angel had arrived, :). She was eager to participate with the rest and shared what she felt when she was in a garden.

I then pointed out to the brothers and sisters how each of them said something uniquely different about how they felt or what they like to do in a garden or forest. This is in fact the meaning of gathering together, we each have a measure of faith and gift of Christ to share with one another. If we did not share our measure of Christ we would not have learned something of Christ from you. I then shared how in the beginning God had a garden with Adam and Eve and that God likes gardens and at the end of the ages there will also be a garden. He walked in the midst of the garden. Together we are the garden of God and He is even now walking in our midst. He loves His garden.

I mentioned to the new brothers and sisters how during our time together we often sing songs, either as a group or if you want to sing to the group that would be cool also. The brothers and sisters spent a couple minutes or so looking through the pages of our song book.

One of the brothers asked to sing “Living in the Body of the Lord.” This was funny as the song first begins with the sisters singing the first chorus of the song, and mentioned how in our home church when we meet from house to house that almost always when someone asks to sing this song it is a brother, :). I mentioned the tune was to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and guided the sisters in starting the song. It is truly a great song for the ekklesia. In the song are the words “we face unafraid the plans that He’s made.” The thought came to mind and shared with the brothers and sisters that when ever God showed up, or his representative in the Bible the words “don’t be afraid” were almost always mentioned. I pointed out that we should not be afraid of what others will think about we say or do. We love by faith.

Another asked to lead “Here I Am to Worship” and was a wonderful song to sing together. Then another asked to sing “The Revelation Song (Holy, Holy, Holy).” I so love to sing this with the brothers and sisters and was encouraged as well I am sure the other brothers and sisters! I thought about the words “Him who sits on Heaven’s mercy seat.” God prompted me to share to the brothers and sisters after we finished singing that the “mercy seat” was on the ark of the covenant inside the Holy of Holies and that the Holy of Holies was surrounded by a beautiful tapestry embroidered with images of a garden. I then shared with the brothers and sisters that we are the Holy of Holies, the garden where Christ dwells.

It was about this time that we all had to get to out 1st period classes. I asked the brothers and sisters to be ready to share something of Christ when we meet again and to remember that they are God’s garden.


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Sounds like a wonderful time in Christ, brother!. I had coffee with Pat Greene and shared some of the difficulties we are going through. Then we talked about Christ as our real Rest. We sit down in Him by turning our mind to the Spirit. I also realized that unplugging from “The Matrix” is a great picture of turning to the Spirit. We live in a real world, but it isn’t the Reality. The Reality is in our Spirit and when we turn to Him within us, we unplug from this world and we enjoy the Reality. When we meet together and turn to the Spirit together we are building up Zion, which is the aptly named city from The Matrix.

Comment by Peter

[…] Posted by Peter I think that God did something wonderful in each heart as they learned to share and hear Christ. – John Wilson, Gathering in the Garden […]

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