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Christ our Ambrosia
February 10, 2013, 2:00 pm
Filed under: 1A - Spiritual Notes

I really like fruit ambrosia! I enjoy taking the time in selecting the different fruits, washing them and cutting them up and mixing them together. It offers a unique eating pleasure. Last night I cut up three oranges, 3 small apples, a banana, two clementines, a grapefruit with juice, three large strawberries, and added shredded coconut and crushed pecans. Then I mixed it up so that it was a homogenous mixture, fruit ambrosia. It is really tasty!

In way of analogy the Father has done the same for us. He loves ambrosia, more specifically, He loves His Son. He enjoys selecting the different parts, washing them, and yes, cutting them up and mixing them together.

When the body of Christ comes together, we bring something of Christ together, the Father’s ambrosia. He has selected each of us in Christ, He has washed us by His Spirit, and He has cut off our flesh, and mixed us together and made us one. In reality this occurred in one place and in one time when Christ died on the cross. A new creation was formed based on His death and resurrection.

But after many times of making and offering my fruit ambrosia, I have noticed that many do not care to eat it’s unique pleasure. The palate of many do not care for the different tastes that one gets when eating fruit ambrosia. Many prefer to eat only a couple types of fruit at any one time.

Sadly this often occurs when the body of Christ gathers. We do not accept everyone in Christ, we only accept one or two who are most like us, often based on physical talents or likes. Perhaps, just as a young child learns to take a bite at a time of something new, brothers and sisters need to “take a bit at a time” to learn to accept one another. It takes time, it takes spiritual sight, it takes moving out of our comfort zone to sacrificially love others unconditionally. But as we do, we move forward, we move beyond the “plainness” of eating only a couple different types of fruit, and begin to see a more fuller Christ, a Christ who has accepted all of us, who is our pleasure, who delights to give us all good things.

It must be seen that in reality as we accept one another, as we enjoy the fruit of the Spirit from one another, we are in truth accepting all of Christ. It is then that Christ becomes our ambrosia. He truly becomes life to us, through one another. This brings glory to the Father!