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June 17, 2013, 5:16 pm
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“Radioactive” is a song by Imagine Dragons. This song seems to be pretty popular and I have to say it gives one an “earworm” that sticks in your mind. The lyrics bring images of today’s genre of post apocalyptic themes, such as zombie stories and movies, especially with the recent movie World War Z. I am not into zombie stories or movies, horror movies were never something I liked. I grew up dreading going to bed at night because of the nightmares I had while asleep, not realizing it was a symptom of my obstructive sleep apnea. Guess I had enough horror in my life from the dreams. Thankfully, after my wife telling me about my loss of breathing at night I went through the sleep study process and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and now use a CPAP machine every night. What a relief, I no longer have nightmares.

I say all this because a few weeks ago with some brothers and sisters while speaking of the garden in Genesis the thought came to mind that, while others have this idea of some future zombie apocalypse in reality it occurred in the garden when man decided no longer to follow after God. The result was that man and women died spiritually, but was still alive physically. A “zombie” living in the flesh having lost God’s original purpose of life by, in, and through Him.

Going back to the song you can see many imagines portray the zombie life. This could be said for many songs that bemoan the fleshly life.

This life without Christ, this zombie apocalypse is a life of woe, a life without hope. A life without hope, without meaning, gives an impression that all there is to life is “ash and dust,” having to work hard to make ends meet, “by the sweat of your brow.” And if that is not enough, the work we do often hurts others and our environment. We’re “radioactive,” bringing death to ourselves and others and this world because of living by this flesh. There is no rest for the weary when living by the flesh. It’s as if we are in a “prison bus,” working while in bondage, not enjoying the fruits of our labor. It’s all pointless. Life seems like a zombie apocalypse. We’re trying to wake up, but don’t know how. We know that in our “bones,” somewhere “inside,” that there must be something else, something that can give us hope, give us meaning, give us rest.

The solution is that life, real life, is only found in Christ Jesus our Lord. Only He can bring us out of the “zombie” life and into the real life, His life. My brother Peter saw the movie “Warm Bodies” and, like him from the previews, he saw that only in Christ, hearts warmed by the love of His bride, can men and women overcome the “zombie” life. I did not see the movie so Peter will have to do a blog on it. We have to wake up, but only Christ can do this. Only in Him can there be a “new age” a new “revolution.” In Him life returns back to the garden, no longer feeding off of “brains,” e.g. the knowledge of good and evil, but feeding from the tree of life, the life of Christ with one another. By faith, believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, we receive His life, His Spirit deep inside ours, and from day one He begins to do His inner work His way through us so that He shines His life in, to, and through one another as we love one another deeply from the heart.

While we live in this world of the “zombie apocalypse” we will still have trouble, perhaps even more so because of His life. His love, His life is hated. Self despises being under the headship of Christ. But He alone gives real hope and real meaning to our lives because He is Reality. For those who have believed, we have His life in us. His life of love desires to shine brightly for all to see so that all may be awoken from the dead and saved. Let us not fall back to that old “zombie” life, that system that only feeds the flesh, without hope and meaning, and grow in His life of love together.

For the lyrics to “Radioactive” see:

For a video of the song see:


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