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To a long life.
April 27, 2014, 1:27 am
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My wife and I gave our daughter in marriage to a wonderful young man today. As I walked Eva down the aisle and after she had kissed her mother, her Mimi, and myself, I gave Eva’s hand into Don’s hand and with my hands over theirs I spoke to Don saying slowly: “Her mother and I, in love, give you our daughter Eva in marriage to you Don. May your joy be full.”

During the wedding reception of my daughter and her husband I gave a toast. These are the words of the toast to them for all to hear.

“To Don and Eva.
To a long life. To a life of grace, faith, and love from our Lord Jesus Christ that will blossom, grow, nurture, and multiply so that His beautiful life shines and is known from all who witness your commitment to one another. Today the old way of living is gone, the new way of living has begun. You no longer will live for yourselves but for one another.

Eva, you have always been my little girl, whom I love. You have grown and blossomed into a beautiful woman. On this day of your marriage I cannot be more proud.

Don, you are charged with a solemn duty and oath, but one made in love. You have won my daughter’s heart along with my own. There could be no better man or husband to be wedded to my little girl. Thank you for your honor, courtesy, and grace. You are a son to us, in whom we love, in whom we are well pleased.

To you both may the LORD bless you, and keep you; may the LORD make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; may the LORD lift His countenance on you both and give you His life of peace. May your joy be full.

We love you both dearly.”