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Review of “Christ Alone” by Searching Together
October 10, 2015, 2:07 pm
Filed under: 2A - Book Reviews

Loved reading the new Searching Together booklet, “Christ Alone.” The title pretty much sums up the booklet. Jon Zens discusses five challenges every local ekklesia faces in keeping Christ alone together. A very timely word. The booklet then takes aim at one of those things we can often confuse, the equating of the Bible with Christ by Dennis J. Mulkey. “The Canon of Scripture and the Christ of Scripture are not synonyms!” The booklet then ends with a short chapter from T. Austin-Sparks of “All Things in Christ” where TAS illuminates the problem of how the church has taken the techniques and practices and orders and forms and teaching found in the Bible “and the Lord Jesus has just been missed and lost.” The ending of TAS excerpt is when on a conference in the USA the sad affair we see when brothers and sisters do not pursue Christ alone…”they were not interested in that.” Thought provoking and a stirring of the soul word for today. A great read!

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