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Thoughts on Giving at Christmas
December 26, 2015, 2:14 pm
Filed under: 1A - Spiritual Notes

I appreciate those who love to give things that are practical and necessary, I do as well. Sadly sometimes it seems this “special” day is a tradition of giving for the sake of getting, getting to get the best and most “stuff” even at the cost of burdening ourselves with higher and greater debt monetarily and increasing the guilt of those who don’t have “stuff” or enough “stuff” to give.

Jesus says to the brothers and sisters, “not so among you.”

Christ came to give His life and His life given and received among the brothers and sisters are for our daily mutual edification and His glory, not for one day of the week or for a few “special” days a year based on man’s traditions, although these can be wonderful events.

His life, His “grace given to each of us,” looks differently in and through each of us: serving, sharing knowledge, encouraging and comforting, giving, caring, showing mercy, etc. Brothers and sisters in Christ are each members of His body. Christ’s body is not made up of “one part” (choose whichever gift you like/prefer the best, such as “giving”) “but of many.” Christ’s life of love is to be honored and cherished, no matter how He looks in His body